Sunday, April 3, 2011

My life in spring.

Taking a break on the middle floor of the playground tree house.

Windows to my soul.

So beautiful, even in a bike helmet.

Up close with the Mia monster and her pink hat.

My Tiny Man.

There are tulips just growing on the side of the path. Just like that.

A chartreuse tree in front of an azure sky. Maybe this is my favorite season. At least on days like this.
Magnolia. Do these even exist in Colorado?
Just one magnolia bloom. They fascinate me. So big, so tough, so fuchsia.


Twintensity said...

Mia looks EXACTLY like you in that photo.

Glad you made it to spring - all will be easier now. (And of course ALL the kids are BEAUTIFUL!)

Let the sun stay out. Let the sun stay out. You guys missed a summer last year - is it asking to much for a spring AND summer this year?

I will keep my 'Daumen drucked"!


Jim Martin said...

Nice pictures - cute babies, Claire!