Saturday, June 12, 2010


  • Ahhh! Ahhh!
  • I'm so hungry! It feels like my stomach is slowly disintegrating due to an overabundance of acid. But all I can say is 'ahhh!'
  • Look! She's getting the spoon. And she's going to the frig. We should get something soon.
  • Yeah at least this time she didn't just put us in these chairs and leave us here.
  • Well, you know, all she hears is 'ahhh!' so I imagine it's hard to tell what we're saying. Even I don't know what I'm crying about sometimes!
  • I've started chewing on her chin between screams when she picks me up. That's a clear sign of hunger, I'd say.
  • Good idea! I'll have to try that. Ahhh! Where's the goddamn food?! How long does it take to heat up a bowl of carrots?
  • She's still making milk to go with it, so it takes longer. I was drinking it just to make her happy but I think maybe this time I'll pass. Eventually she'll get the picture. We don't want milk, just FOOD!
  • Okay! Here she comes. She's sitting down...Hey wait! ME FIRST! Aahhh!
  • Ahhh! One spoon?! Come on! I said I was HUNGRY!
  • Ahhh! I've got carrot stuck in my throat! Drink! I need a drink! NO! No more carrot. Drink!
  • Oh yeah. I love this orange juice. Way better than water.
  • Where the hell is MY orange juice? Ahh!
  • Damn, it's hard to keep this stuff in my mouth. My tongue just keeps rolling it out the front.
  • I know! Open your mouth a little wider. That helps.
  • Hey, lady, give me that spoon. I'm taking over. GIVE-ME-THAT-SPOON. Ahh!
  • No! Don't wipe him off! Feed ME! He doesn't care if he's got carrots all over his hands and up his nose!
  • Of course I care. But I'd rather eat. And SOMEONE needs to take over that spoon. She really doesn't know her business.
  • Okay. I think I'm about done. I'm feeling very heavy...and sticky. How about another drink? No, bleh, bleh, no more food. Drink. YES. Thank you.
  • And now the milk...No thanks, lady, I'm done.
  • Yeah, I don't want any milk, either. 
  • Now what do we do? She's looking at us like she doesn't know what to do..
  • I don't know...Smile at her? That usually works.
  • Okay!

Mom: Hey my happy babies! Are you done? 

    Thank you

    Dear Writers Group,

    Thank you so much for your support and enthusiasm. I've had (for me) a very productive day today. This afternoon we discussed what we needed to do around the house to help me reconnect with my environment. Then I promptly went about removing cobwebs and organizing my vanity. He cleaned out the cupboard so that we can find the baby food without undue search and stress. Tomorrow we'll continue with the decluttering of the living and baby rooms.

    And just as important as my conquests in the tangible world, I wrote today. So special thanks to Liz for giving us those minutes of free time to write about ANYTHING. It might be crap, but it filled a few lines of paper and released some words stuck in their [imaginary? at any rate protean] box.

    I'm crying now.

    But that's alright. My emotions rarely stay in their box. Maybe my words should take a lesson...

    With love, your

    So now I'm off to write some more stuff for you, fair Reader, and for me. So stay tuned.