Thursday, March 25, 2010


Mia has started rolling. Unfortunately she only rolls in one direction and so is a victim of Newton's First Law: an object will continue to move in the same direction unless acted upon by an outside force (the DVDs, the couch, Aidyn's head).

The two of them kick each other, steal each other's toys, hold hands, hug. But it all seems unintentional, good or bad. Either way I want to foster friendship. Right now they're looking at each other and cooing enthusiastically. That's encouraging.

Mia is also getting her first tooth. As I probably mentioned in posts about ChloƩ, this is VERY early for our family. But at any rate, I don't know whether to attribute her periodic discontent to teething or just general infant grouchiness. So I give her the homeopathic sugar balls [placebo??], a cuddle and her binky. She calms down for a few minutes and she's off again.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


This was my night.

"Waah!" Baby #1. Alarm clock says 1:07.

Then "Waah!" Baby #2.

Milk all around.

Back to bed. All four of us (daddy included).

"oooaaaiiihhh." Baby #1 is...singing.

Love-love-love. Baby #1 is sleeping.

Baby #2 is coughing.

Into the baby room. Salt water in the nose. Seems better. No need for cough medicine.

Back to bed.


Am I asleep? Possibly.

Door slamming. Pitter-patter-pitter-patter. Our door opening. Slamming. Pitter-patter-pitter-patter. Toddler into the bed.

I am no longer sleeping.

I might be sleeping.

Scratch-scratch-scratch. On the bed. The cat.

Oh-my-fucking-Christ. Someone's gonna die. Felinicide (?) is probably not a crime, relatively speaking.

Instead the cat gets thrown out of the room. Door closed. No cat, no crime.

I might be sleeping.

"Wehn, wehn." Baby #1. Not a cry, just a whimper.

Binky to the rescue.

Baby #1 is sleeping.

I'm sleeping.

Scratch-scratch-scratch. On the door.


Cat is thrown into the hallway. Door closed.

Again. And again.

I am sleeping.

Scratch-scratch-scratch. On the door. Alarm clock says 5:45.

Daddy gets up.

I am sleeping. Until 6:15.

The day has begun again.