Monday, September 27, 2010

Eat, Pray, Love. Please.

I went to see the movie "Eat Pray Love" the other day and it's taken me a couple of days to realize that I'm completely dissatisfied by it.

First (and maybe least important). Why was she blond? Was it important to the story? I didn't understand any reason for her to be blond. Maybe the real Liz is blond, but does that affect the story? I felt like I didn't see the character, just blond Julia Roberts. If she had been brunette, I would have accepted her as the character, but she remained the actress for me.

Second. "I don't have to love you to prove that I love myself." Okay, I can understand reluctance to start a new relationship when she's spent so much time and energy learning to NOT be in a relationship. Ultimately it's her decision - that's part of that learning-to-love-yourself. But she doesn't make the decision to be in love with Felipe. She decides to go back to New York and be miserable with herself (I guess). It's not until she's two hours from her plane and she's saying good-bye to Ketut that HE tells her, essentially, not to be stupid and go be in love. I thought the lesson here was empowerment, not look for your power and then hand it to someone else once you've found it.

Third. She's in a taxi driving madly through a dirty, hazy, overpopulated chaos that is India. She sees children digging in garbage and begging at her window when the taxi stops. Then the taxi drives through a gate into tranquility - the ashram. This is where she can sit in peace and quiet to reflect and meditate. So she finds an oasis of peace. Wow. Well done. I'd be more interested in a peace won in that chaotic world. That's the peace we have to fight for every day.

One thing I DID like about the movie were her no-sex male relationships in the first two parts. I find this a significant part of her search for self-awareness. She was not pursuing a relationship and did not fall into one. For someone who "has not been out of a relationship for more than two weeks since [she] was 15," (loosely quoted) that's not an easy accomplishment. I loved that she made friends and discovered new interests. A great start.


Sarah said...

Hi! Full disclosure: This comment has nothing to do with your movie review (I haven't seen the film yet).

Thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving a comment. I've been reading through your archives and enjoying the stories about your life and your children! (Also nodding my head a lot.)

How very cool that Chloe already speaks three languages and that the twins are certain to follow. When they're a little older, maybe I could profile your family on Bringing up Baby Bilingual? Keep in touch!

Twintensity said...

Third try. Computer eating my stuff. Concisely then. Haven't seen the movie. But I agree - what good is it to find your Self or The Truth or whatever it is you are looking for - inside an ashram (or a church) and then lose it the minute you walk out the door. The trick - and maybe the GOAL? - is to find peace amidst your everyday chaos. Good luck with that, by the way!