Sunday, July 18, 2010

What I learned today

When the 3-year-old tells you she washed her hands, don't wait for water to pour out of the bathroom before making sure the faucet has been turned completely off.

A foot can be a very long distance for a potty learner.

Two quiet babies could be ...
..emptying the bottle of sunscreen on themselves, the floor and the contents of the diaper bag.
..under the table contentedly tearing apart and chewing up a kleenex.
..eating kitty litter (thank goodness I just cleaned the box).
..discovering the tactile joy of digging in the flower pot. And discovering the flavor of marigolds.

Bibs are useless with babies who stick their fingers in their mouths and then grab their pants, feet and hair. And then chew on the back of the chair.

Even a fall of two centimeters can be fatal for a juice bottle.

It takes 3 minutes and 23 seconds to put all of the DVDs back on the shelves.

Fuchsia crepe paper turns little wet fingers and lips fuchsia.

The sun bleaches out carrot and tomato stains. But you still have to wash them first.

Toddlers understand everything you tell them, they just don't want you to know it.

My daughter is manipulating me with her little round baby eyes.

My son has his father's puppy-dog eyes. And he's manipulating me, too.

What did you learn today?


Twintensity said...

If you just let the kids eat all of the candy out of their goody bags all at once then you don't have to sit around the rest of the afternoon and monitor their sugar intake. Candy gone. Problem solved.

Jennifer said...

A special Mama and Oldest Boy afternoon in the city with no baby brother tagging along is very, very important every now and then and makes the Oldest Boy very, very happy.

RC said...

It may be worth going off on the little old ladies to get them to leave your child alone.

Linz said...

I like this story in the form of a list, even if you only meant it as a list. Strangely, it doesn't make me any more resistant to baby-making..