Friday, January 25, 2013


A new year, a new post. I guess I figured I've got 12 months in this "new year" - so why hurry??

I just told my daughter that if she practices singing with the karaoke player, she'll get better. WHAT AM I THINKING??!!

Just kidding. I love it that they want to sing. Those voices will not frustrate me. The screaming and fighting voices, though, I could do without. So I will support the lesser evil.

No, this post will not be about the lesser evil. Although, it's true, I've got that "gun guntrol" post that I am working on/haunts my brain, and I'm sure there's a "lesser evil" theme in that one somewhere. But it's not even CLOSE to being finished yet.

Hmmm...So what will this one be about?

Rambling nonsense. Could be a good goal. Should probably keep it brief, then.

That's it. I'm still alive. Still writing. Schimpfwörter on my phone for the gun rights people, mostly. But writing.

So you'll hear from me soon.

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