Monday, October 22, 2012

Just another season

It's fall again and everything's dying. My favorite time to post.
I am inspired by the explosion of color of the fall. I can't help but take the pictures and rave about the beauty created by this end of a cycle.
I mourn this time of year. I mourn the end of the summer, since it has such a short, hazardous life here in Germany. I mourn the end of freedom to live outdoors without consideration of the weather. I mourn the shortened tour of the sun in our day. The sun feeds my soul.
Others mourn, too. They mourn their lost loved ones. They mourn the life they didn't have. They mourn all the things they can't do since the cycle ended a part of them.
On a day like today, with the sun shining easily through whimsically-placed clouds in a cyan sky, I have hopeful words for those struggling through the grey within themselves. But my words do not help them, nor do the whimsy and brightness of the day. I can only wish that they can one day walk - slowly, if needed - through this season, just another season after one and before another, allowing the tears to fall from their eyes and then rest on the ground like the leaves, a foundation for seasons to come.


Twintensity said...


Twintensity said...

thinkning of IS weird to be in autumn mode and have it turning to high summer here - not bad, I just never really know where I am - or when I am.