Thursday, April 19, 2012

Things to do when you're naked

Or, The Mischief They Got Into While You Were Showering.

1. Clean up chocolate milk powder spilled by son.

2. Clean up* broken jar of Nutella (dropped by son). This one is especially challenging because the children also have to be kept away from chocolate shards.
*Don't forget to put on shoes first.

3. Wipe up pee in the middle of the living room.

4. [ASAP after #3] Redress child who removed pants and diaper before they pee on the floor again.

5. Find beads from the broken necklace before the cats chase them to the far corners of the house.

6. Comfort screaming child who fell off the couch.

7. Clean up vomit of child before other children step in it and track it all over the house.

8. Clean up cat vomit before children try to eat it.

9. Prepare snack for older child since she's already late for preschool.

10. Replace underwear in drawer after children have used them as hats.

Please note the absence of activities such as having sex, taking a bath, or watching television. These things are done either clothed, quickly (with nudity passing only briefly) or not at all.


Jesse said...

Looking forward to visit. It's been a while since i've experienced such events. May even get some good pictures.

RC said...

Okay! I'll get dressed and you can clean up the vomit, pee and chocolate as you take the pictures :-)

Anita said...

Great post, but no poop involved? Actually, I think we deal with more pee incidents. Have to rotate mattress yet again to avoid pee stain. :)

Jesse said...

Great. Just like old times. Bring back a lot of memories!

Twintensity said...

Bath? About once every 10 days.

TV. Too tired.

Sex. PLEASE. Isn't that how we got into this mess in the first place?!