Tuesday, March 9, 2010


This was my night.

"Waah!" Baby #1. Alarm clock says 1:07.

Then "Waah!" Baby #2.

Milk all around.

Back to bed. All four of us (daddy included).

"oooaaaiiihhh." Baby #1 is...singing.

Love-love-love. Baby #1 is sleeping.

Baby #2 is coughing.

Into the baby room. Salt water in the nose. Seems better. No need for cough medicine.

Back to bed.


Am I asleep? Possibly.

Door slamming. Pitter-patter-pitter-patter. Our door opening. Slamming. Pitter-patter-pitter-patter. Toddler into the bed.

I am no longer sleeping.

I might be sleeping.

Scratch-scratch-scratch. On the bed. The cat.

Oh-my-fucking-Christ. Someone's gonna die. Felinicide (?) is probably not a crime, relatively speaking.

Instead the cat gets thrown out of the room. Door closed. No cat, no crime.

I might be sleeping.

"Wehn, wehn." Baby #1. Not a cry, just a whimper.

Binky to the rescue.

Baby #1 is sleeping.

I'm sleeping.

Scratch-scratch-scratch. On the door.


Cat is thrown into the hallway. Door closed.

Again. And again.

I am sleeping.

Scratch-scratch-scratch. On the door. Alarm clock says 5:45.

Daddy gets up.

I am sleeping. Until 6:15.

The day has begun again.


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Get rid of the cat.