Friday, January 25, 2008

Plans and movies

Shh! The baby's sleeping. Time to blog.

Actually I just thought that since it's being published in a flyer that I blog, I'd better start...blogging.

I think I might try to (how's that for uncertainty??) have a few different blog themes. I love movies, so there will be a movie critique theme. I talk about the baby incessantly so that will definitely be a theme. I live in Germany and that's something to talk about. Okay, there will be multiple themes that won't necessarily be listed exhaustively here.

Today's theme is movies.

Last week I watched Vacancy and my opinion is strong possibility for disappointment! This is pure Hollywood. They had ample oppotunity to create something that could honestly be called horror and they passed every time. The end is the worst. Who dies? The bad guys. Who lives, although shot and left to die the entire night? The good guy - and his whiny wife. And the bad guys, or at least Frank Whaley, put on a pretty good show. Definite scare potential: we ask ourselves, is he just weird, or really nuts? Okay, it's called a horror movie, so we're fairly sure he's nuts and a killer, but he does a good job of keeping it grey.

I have to warn you, Readers: Don't compare Vacancy to The Descent. That was a REAL horror movie. Scary throughout (who's not scared of mutants creeping and crawling around in a cave you can't get out of??), and the ending is alarming, both cinematically (the last scene is a jump-out-of-your-seat shocker) and thematically (you just don't expect this particular turn).

The baby's awake again and calling for me (in that screaming way that babies have) to come play with her, so more movies next time.

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